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GoToSocial . @gotosocial,

Heya, we did the thing!

GoToSocial v0.9.0 Spicy Sloth is out now 🌶️ 🔥

This release was fun to work on, and we hope you enjoy using it! The project is slowly and steadily maturing and getting better :gtspat:

Big thank you to all contributors, folks who opened issues, instance admins who let us know weird stuff was happening, people who seem to like the code, and people who give us money to write the code!

You can get the release from here:


  • PROFILE FIELDS will now be federated. This means you can set key/value fields on your profile, just like other Fedi softwares already have, and they will federate in and out properly! It may take up to 2 days to start seeing fields on remote profiles, be patient ;)
  • Kickass new layout for web view of profiles, including fields!
  • Initial support for request tracing (
  • "Subscribe" to an account you follow to receive notifications when they create a new post! (AKA "click the bell" functionality.) Very useful for catching posts of followed accounts who don't post very often.
  • Automatic remote status refetching to get up-to-date replies + edits.
  • Performance improvements for message sending: you can now configure the rate at which messages will be federated outwards, better spacing out CPU usage and avoiding issues with rate-limiting.
  • Lots of caching performance improvements; things should feel generally snappier.
  • Suspend accounts from right within the admin panel by clicking through from reports.
  • We added a whole bunch of trans rights to the code 🏳️‍⚧️ The code has so much trans rights in it now. If you don't like trans rights, you won't like this code.
Open thread
Neil Darlow :gotosocial: :silverblue: :xmpp: . @neil,

@gotosocial Publicising Trans Rights is fine and I, like many, have no objection to you doing it.

However, you might want to consider whether it might impact your ability to gain sponsors in the future.

Your attitude might be "If they won't support us because of our support of Trans culture then screw them!". But would you really want to prejudice your ability to attract new sponsors for more of your developers?

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Rose. :trans_specter:🌹☭ . @HornyOnMain,

@neil @gotosocial

"I have no problem with you supporting trans rights, but i think we should make this a safe space for people who hold the """equally valid""" opinion of wanting to skin trans people, just because some companies might not want to be associated with queers"

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Ember! . @OrangeCatCatBoys,
@neil @gotosocial this is just a very convoluted way to say you dont actually support trans people.

"I have gender and political views but I will not be expressing them on this platform."
also lol, lmao at that part in your bio. this just reads as "i have opinions so dogshit i am afraid of voicing them here for i might get backlash for them by so many people." and this post absolutely shows it.
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violet hands . @chairgirlhands,

@neil @gotosocial if people are anti trans they shouldn’t be in a position to be a sponsor in the first place. Bigots don’t deserve economic power and we’re certainly not going to help them retain it. You either don’t understand how rights are stripped away, or you do and you want ours stripped away. Either way your opinion is worthless.

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